Manufacturing Countertops

Oviedo Countertops is a local solid surface and granite manufacturing company. We customize your counters locally here in Oviedo, Florida. How do we do it...?

How to manufacture solid surface countertops?

  1. We visit the customers house and measure the surface of the cabinets they will sit.
  2. We order the necessary square footage of material needed.
  3. Our fabrication experts then use the template to cut the material into the desired shapes.
  4. They then manufacture the counters by using specialty glues to hide any seams they create.
  5. Any back-splash or profiles they manufacture are created by using glue and clamps to ensure they dry with no gaps, then they are carved out to the proper shape using a router.
  6. Once the top has been manufactured it is sanded thoroughly and shined to perfection.
  7. The fabrication is now complete and the top will be moved to customers house for installation.
Is there a difference between manufacturing and fabricating countertops?
The simple answer to that is No. Fabricating and manufacturing countertops is essentially the same.


Oviedo Countertops