Types Of Material We Fabricate

Oviedo Countertops fabricates many types of counters locally here in Oviedo, Florida. We use up-to-date fabrication techniques that ensure your counters turn out as beautiful and smooth as possible. We offer a wide selection of colors and profiles to choose from. Call us today to have a sales professional visit your home and provide you with our current selections.

Coutertop Materials we work with:

  • Corian- Corian counters are a DuPont distributed material. The Corian material is made of alumina trihydrate, acrylic, and polymer. The combination of these three materials make a granite-looking matterial that is a easier to fabricate. The material can crack due to heat or pressure but when it scratches it is easy to repair. Corian has become popular because it is similar to granite in beauty, it is a bit less expensive, and the sink is made of a beautiful Corian material that is completely flush with with countertop.
  • Formica- Formica the least expensive of the three materials. Formica countertops are made of wood and laminate. They are the easiest to fabricate and are very durable for the price. Unfortunately they are considered the least pleasing to the eye.
  • Granite- Granite countertops are considered the highest quality of the three. Granite countertops are very heavy and durable, they are made to shine brilliantly and of deep colors. Unfortunately this material is expensive and difficult to manufacture. Many luxury homes are built with granite countertops because of there value and beauty.

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